Biodynamic & Smart

Nature-friendly and human-centric approach with the latest smart technology for the LED street lighting applications including features for Smart City integration.

Tunable-white LED street lighting

Light and lighting have various parameters to consider before an investment takes place and it is our responsibility to choose the most efficient and correct lighting for our biodiversity and human well-being based on acknowledged physiology of the Circadian rhythms (2017 Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine).

Circadian + LED = CircaLED


In order to introduce a way of getting the right light under control, we have to address the solution using a unique and smart LED power supply design. There are several possible routes but usually, the middle gold route is the way to go when comprising long-term reliability, reasonable cost and an efficiency. The result of our development is a tunable-white power supply for LED street lighting - the CircaLED.

LED luminaire application


CircaLED is a professional product designed for tunable-white LED luminaires and targeted for LED luminaire manufacturers. In order to integrate the CircaLED into an LED luminaire, the manufacturer needs to understand and consider specific details for successful integration with correct parameters and efficiency results. We are ready to support the customers' integrations and their projects.

Autonomous & IoT Ready


CircaLED offers features suitable for street lighting applications. It controls the dimming and CCT levels based on preprogrammed sequence and so-called natural midnight calculation, optionally with Wireless interface. It features an option to set the Constant Light Output, adjust the output current, it can be preset with "From Start" sequence. With the primary goal of the circadian-friendly lighting.